I’m back! 

Ever been afraid to do something because everything wasn’t ready ? Or perfect? Or amazing? Yeah- that’s me! I’ve been a “blogger in my head” for years! I’ve actually been a writer since college- mostly news bureau and ad stuff! That was way before the Internet! 😂 I even posted my first blog in June 2016- now it’s August. No 2nd post yet. I do share a little on Instagram. @kellycornelsen That’s fun.

 No surprise my first grade teacher told my mother, “quit being so hard on Kelly! She is afraid to even write something down on a piece of paper.” Well, to my teacher, Mrs. Young at Williams Elementary- looks like the person keeping me from putting anything to paper was me. Here I am 50+ years later, struggling to put “thoughts to virtual paper.” 
 Over the years, I have had many opportunities to stretch my “creative muscles” and write, perform, direct and produce projects of many sizes. It’s so fun to create and remember, “oh yeah, I used to love to do that!” But as the years pass by and you doubt who you are- for whatever reason (that’s a whole post by itself) – you forget the things you love. You forget about the gifts God gave you that make you…..well, YOU. You forget what gives you joy! You become afraid. So, you pour yourself into your children and they grown up. You build a community and then you move away. You invest yourself into others and see them just walk out of your life. So now what? Where to go from here? 

It’s possible that journey begins right here, right now.. My sweet husband of 37 years, Jeff, has encouraged me to write for years. My daughter, Lindsey, tells me I am the best blogger ever without a blog! They make me laugh! But…I MIGHT be the best blogger ever without a blog!!!! 😂😂😂😂 So…lets see where this goes! I’ve been waiting for profound events to happen in order to post. (Although, it has been a profound year) but waiting on the fun stuff like- building a house- planning a wedding, building a life in a new city! My new sweet friend, Becky, is a wonderful successful blogger. Check her out thejavamama.com. Becky is a kindred spirit to my younger self and she tells me just to do it!!!! So…..let’s do it! Ekkkkkkkk!!!!!

So, I have nothing profound for you today! Just stepping out of my comfort zone AGAIN and putting myself out there. Perhaps in expressing thoughts out loud, I will figure out what lies in the future! I laugh that when I’m asked to speak, I always tell Jeff, “I can’t wait to hear what I’ll say!” 😂 it’s kind of how my brain…and mouth work. 
So, I can’t wait to see what I will write. There is no grand outline, no plan, just some of my thoughts said out loud. But here is what I do know! This is what I believe! I believe the future is going to be amazing! I believe it will be wonderful and full of blessings I’d never otherwise meet if I didn’t take a brave step today. Want to follow along with me? You might have to remind me to write it down! Love and joy! Kelly 🍀 #blogger #fear #courage #brave #creative #writer #daughter #husband #justdoit

7 thoughts on “I’m back! 

  1. Yay Kelly! You are a GREAT writer among others things!!! And like you, I started with a post or three years ago & then got derailed…thanks for making me feel less alone in great intentions left undone… Keep on writing, we’re listening!:) xoxo geralyn

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    1. Thank you, Geralyn!!! It’s so hard to get it from my head/heart to the written word. Thank you for your encouragement! We really should meet in the real world one day! 😂😂😂 I love following your creative projects!


  2. I loved this! I too am a writer/blogger at heart who does not get those words on any paper, virtual or real! You inspire me, from our ride from the airport last November to this post! Thank you!

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  3. Dearest Kelly, Mrs. Young was correct! I remember that conversation as if it happened yesterday. I pray you have long ago forgiven me for pressing my expectations on a one so young. From the day you were born, you were the cutest, smartest , most cheerful and articulate child ever! Now as a woman “of a certain age”, you are still all of those things and more! Each time I read your writings or hear you speak, I marvel in your incredible thought process and your ability to communicate. I may have told you this before: The first time I heard you speak at a Premier Training at Haven of Hope, I remember thinking, “She WROTE that!” By giving cheerfully, thoughtfully and generously of your knowledge, experience and time, you have encouraged others – friends and family – to be her or his best self. (And just as when a little girl, you are SO MUCH FUN while doing it!) To paraphrase an old friend’s discription of another, “You have the ability to choose a topic and then ‘throw a party’ around it!” You are the best! I love you! Mano

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