Get out of your comfort zone- that’s where the magic happens!

Photo cred- thejavamama.com

What a year it has been. I’ve been wanting to share my #story for 15 months now but was so #nervous to put anything to the #page! My profile actually says I’m a #lifestyle #blogger in my head! πŸ˜‚ I still wonder- as I type on my phone- will anyone even #read this? Then it occurred to me- that I need to #share regardless of the numbers who read my #blog- which still has no name. 😁That it is out of our #comfortzone where the #magic happens. Sooo…..here I am- typing away-with no clue who will read it- with no #agenda or #format- just getting out of my comfort zone and doing the thing I’ve been wanting to do literally for years. I’ve even bought branding seminars to try to narrow down my #brand and my #pointofview.” When that didn’t get me composing-I just put the idea in my back pocket. “Don’t post til you have a #website with a great name and graphic”-I thought. “Get everything #perfect before you get started”- I said to myself. Then I heard myself encouraging others to #DREAM #BIG and not wait til the time was perfect and everything was just right! Be like #Nike- just do it’ Hmmmmm- maybe I should take my own advice. So….if you are interested- let’s go on this #journey together. I have no #idea where we will end up. If you are ok with that- I will be too! Kelly πŸ€

29 thoughts on “Get out of your comfort zone- that’s where the magic happens!

  1. Hi Kelly! This is awesome! I’ve just done the same thing! Carson has heard me talking about it for so long, he surprised with a blog site. You can check it out at Kimberlyssong.com

    Love your tag line!


  2. I love this! Can’t wait for more!! I am super excited for you. Praying for direction of where He wants to use this gift of yours. See you soon.

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  3. Way to go!! So proud of you!! You’re off to a great start!! The 1st step is always the hardest! Yay πŸ˜ƒ


  4. Kelly, I could not be more proud of you for starting your Blog! You have always had a natural gift for writing which was obvious from a very young age…..always interesting, thoughtful and so beautifully spoken! The very first time I heard you speak to the Jewelers at Haven of Hope, I remember thinking, “Wow! She wrote that!” How encouraging, motivating and fun! “That’s my Girl!” Love you! ❀️🎢 Mano

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