Overcoming Fear

The title may change and everything might not be perfectly laid out…but here we are! Do you want to join my journey? I’ve always “boasted” that I dive in where fools dare to tread! I was lying to myself! Over the past few years, I’ve become keenly aware of FEAR and perfectionism on my part! Perfectionism that paralyzes me from taking any step- even when I know this is what I need to do! Anyone? Or just me? This past year- especially- has been one of turmoil, anxiety and dread! 3 feelings I don’t typically “entertain!” We are deep in the center of the unknown and big time stress – yet- in the midst- I feel certain God is using it all for something greater in our lives and because there is someone out there…..(is it you?) ….that needs to hear our story! This has been confirmed by insight from close friends and acquaintances! “You have to share your story because someone- maybe just one- will be encouraged.” Are you the one? So….here we are where we started! I’m facing my fear by sharing these words out loud and inviting others to join the conversation. What keeps you up at night? Or…like me….bolts you wide awake in the early hours of the morning with your heart pounding out of your chest? If you are like me you might qualify your answer- because you don’t feel like your fears even matter considering all others are going through. But that is also a lie! Fear is fear is fear and it is magnified by so many things. Perhaps the more fear you feel the closer you are to that thing you are destined to do but keep avoiding! Maybe stepping into your fear- all the way like a deep puddle up to your shoulders -is the only escape to reach the other side to find clarity and peace! Only one way to find out- right? Have a friend who needs to hear this? Let’s walk through it together. Find it on fb!


Painted brick and pumpkins

I’m dreaming of white painted brick! And a new home! Ok- I’m dreaming of many things! I’ve wanted a painted brick house for decades! Our last new construction HOA didn’t give us the option. So now- anything is possible. We are in a huge moment of transition- which means- the possibilities are endless!!! The house is sold, everything still in storage and nothing holding us back. To catch you up, if you are new here- Jeff was transferred over an hour away from our new home. After making the commute for a year- we sold the house and moved closer to his new territory! Just as that home search began- he was laid off. I know….. Right???

But……The job search is strong and God is in control! We can’t wait to see where He places us. We know this- He has covered us and protected us in this crazy phase of life we were not anticipating and even put a temporary roof over our head when we didn’t realize how we would need it. So grateful we hadn’t purchased another house. So everyday- we dream and work with intention -asking God to open the right doors and give us wisdom as to which to walk through. I can’t wait for the day to tell you all that God did during this time in our lives. He doesn’t waste a single thing- especially the hard stuff! We know He has gone ahead of us and has worked out all the details. Life is hard but God is good! Everything is going to be ok!!

RepostBy @mylightingsource: “Countdown has begun at our house. Cutie festive porch by @kindredvintage. 🎃🕸🍂🧡”


I’m back! 

Ever been afraid to do something because everything wasn’t ready ? Or perfect? Or amazing? Yeah- that’s me! I’ve been a “blogger in my head” for years! I’ve actually been a writer since college- mostly news bureau and ad stuff! That was way before the Internet! 😂 I even posted my first blog in June 2016- now it’s August. No 2nd post yet. I do share a little on Instagram. @kellycornelsen That’s fun.

 No surprise my first grade teacher told my mother, “quit being so hard on Kelly! She is afraid to even write something down on a piece of paper.” Well, to my teacher, Mrs. Young at Williams Elementary- looks like the person keeping me from putting anything to paper was me. Here I am 50+ years later, struggling to put “thoughts to virtual paper.” 
 Over the years, I have had many opportunities to stretch my “creative muscles” and write, perform, direct and produce projects of many sizes. It’s so fun to create and remember, “oh yeah, I used to love to do that!” But as the years pass by and you doubt who you are- for whatever reason (that’s a whole post by itself) – you forget the things you love. You forget about the gifts God gave you that make you…..well, YOU. You forget what gives you joy! You become afraid. So, you pour yourself into your children and they grown up. You build a community and then you move away. You invest yourself into others and see them just walk out of your life. So now what? Where to go from here? 

It’s possible that journey begins right here, right now.. My sweet husband of 37 years, Jeff, has encouraged me to write for years. My daughter, Lindsey, tells me I am the best blogger ever without a blog! They make me laugh! But…I MIGHT be the best blogger ever without a blog!!!! 😂😂😂😂 So…lets see where this goes! I’ve been waiting for profound events to happen in order to post. (Although, it has been a profound year) but waiting on the fun stuff like- building a house- planning a wedding, building a life in a new city! My new sweet friend, Becky, is a wonderful successful blogger. Check her out Becky is a kindred spirit to my younger self and she tells me just to do it!!!! So…..let’s do it! Ekkkkkkkk!!!!!

So, I have nothing profound for you today! Just stepping out of my comfort zone AGAIN and putting myself out there. Perhaps in expressing thoughts out loud, I will figure out what lies in the future! I laugh that when I’m asked to speak, I always tell Jeff, “I can’t wait to hear what I’ll say!” 😂 it’s kind of how my brain…and mouth work. 
So, I can’t wait to see what I will write. There is no grand outline, no plan, just some of my thoughts said out loud. But here is what I do know! This is what I believe! I believe the future is going to be amazing! I believe it will be wonderful and full of blessings I’d never otherwise meet if I didn’t take a brave step today. Want to follow along with me? You might have to remind me to write it down! Love and joy! Kelly 🍀 #blogger #fear #courage #brave #creative #writer #daughter #husband #justdoit