Painted brick and pumpkins

I’m dreaming of white painted brick! And a new home! Ok- I’m dreaming of many things! I’ve wanted a painted brick house for decades! Our last new construction HOA didn’t give us the option. So now- anything is possible. We are in a huge moment of transition- which means- the possibilities are endless!!! The house is sold, everything still in storage and nothing holding us back. To catch you up, if you are new here- Jeff was transferred over an hour away from our new home. After making the commute for a year- we sold the house and moved closer to his new territory! Just as that home search began- he was laid off. I know….. Right???

But……The job search is strong and God is in control! We can’t wait to see where He places us. We know this- He has covered us and protected us in this crazy phase of life we were not anticipating and even put a temporary roof over our head when we didn’t realize how we would need it. So grateful we hadn’t purchased another house. So everyday- we dream and work with intention -asking God to open the right doors and give us wisdom as to which to walk through. I can’t wait for the day to tell you all that God did during this time in our lives. He doesn’t waste a single thing- especially the hard stuff! We know He has gone ahead of us and has worked out all the details. Life is hard but God is good! Everything is going to be ok!!

RepostBy @mylightingsource: “Countdown has begun at our house. Cutie festive porch by @kindredvintage. 🎃🕸🍂🧡”


Pumpkin spice and everything nice! 

It’s fall, ya’ll! At least, that’s what the menu tells us! Pumpkin spice everything! Starbucks is my def go to but you can find pumpkin infused into just about everything these days, not just candles! The “PSL” (pumpkin spice latte) actually has its own social channel on Twitter. That is serious devotion y’all! Check it out today to find out when our fav fall beverage makes it debut. Check it out on as well!  

Looking for your pumpkin spice fix in other forms? How about cereal? For realz, y’all!!! 

So why do we looooove Pumpkin Spice Latte season? Is it the pumpkin? Is it the espresso? Is it the promise of a crisp breeze or fall leaves? Now that I live in Texas- it feels more like summertime- except for one thing. That one flavor that appears this time every year. Pumpkin spice! For me-That fragrance and taste reminds me of happy days of my past! It brings me sweet memories of old friends, laughter, flannel blankets, football games, comfort, my babies in footie pjs, snuggling with them on the couch, school days, Halloween costumes, the pumpkin patch, bonfires and hayrides.  

Welcome Pumpkin spice!!! So glad you and all your memories are back! PSL- I’ll be looking for you to make your debut next week! Can’t wait!!!!! I’ll be the one standing in line at Starbucks! See you there? Kelly ☕️