Shop small, y’all!

Christmas is just around the corner! 🎄What if you shopped local this year, bought from your friends and supported their home based businesses? Literally- you can impact a family when you choose to support a home based business! I know from 28 years experience with my small business that I do a little happy dance when someone- especially a friend- chooses to support my side hustle!

And every purchase not only blesses our family financially and emotionally but blesses the families who receive support from my company! So shop your friends’ handmade items, the candles, the jewelry, the oils, the makeup! All the things! You are supporting a dream, you are directly impacting their future and making them do little happy dance! 💕 That doesn’t happen when you shop the big box!

Be a blessing and shop small this year! And please buy from your friends! They crave your support, kindness and business! You see- when your friend shops with you- something magical happens! It’s like a extra hug that says, “I believe in you!” Kelly

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This Premier Life

I have been working on my business page for months now and still haven’t published it! You see, trying to consolidate what I do and who I am into ecommerce is quite the conflict for me! While I have been a rep with the same direct sales company for 26 years now and been able to make a full time income for the past 25 years working for myself, it is so much more than jewelry. 

When I first began with Premier, I had a 10 month old baby and a 5 year old. My whole goal was to make $500 a month to pay off a medical bill. Now- 26 years later- my nest is empty and Premier has become my career. But more than a career- it has become my life! This little jewelry business has opened doors to friendships I would never have made had it not been for the jewelry! It has given me the privilege of giving back to ministries and needs locally and around the globe – not just personally- but because Premier, as a company, gives back. Before “giving back” became a buzzword of our culture, Premier was quietly meeting needs. No big announcements, no marketing strategies- just giving back. 

Our founders, Andy and Joan Horner became personal friends! Spending time with them wasn’t about projections and strategy, it was spent talking about heart and how to make a difference. Not your usual “business meeting.” Their passion was helping up and coming leaders to get the vision- get the heart- that it wasn’t just about the jewelry! 

So today, I’m back to looking at my publish button on my business page. I have 5 unpublished versions 😂😂😂  I feel like it’s like a tatoo! It will always be there! So I’m thinking This Premier Life might be the one. It will be a fun place to shop but also to connect, share and explore financial security! Want more info? Check out my personal website-


It’s not just about the jewelry! 

My heart is so full! It’s been an amazing week with the top leadership of my company at our senior leader retreat in Dallas! I’ve been with Premier Designs now for 25 years and I am still taken back by the difference this jewelry business makes in the lives of people-The income it generates for the jewelers, the needs it meets around the world by giving back and the hearts that are touched and lives restored! It’s not just about the jewelry! It opens doors for me to meet people I would never otherwise know and provides an opportunity to meet financial needs, build friendships, pay off debt, save for the future, fund #retirement or to use it as a vehicle to giveback. I’m so thankful someone shared Premier with me- even though I wasn’t interested. Little did I know it would be a life changer  for our family. Thank you, Premier, for your vision, your hope, your caring and, oh yeah, the pretty jewelry! Want to know more or see a catalog? Check out my website. I’m looking to build my Premier family around the nation! Want to join me? What if it’s the best thing you ever did?