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I can’t believe I forgot to post this! (Actually I can believe it). 😂 So here is my post from last august! Hope you enjoy it!- ❤️ There comes a time when you have a “wake up” moment and wonder where the time has gone. I had one of those this week. This is me, carpooling with these beautiful young moms who could actually be my daughters.  They are the same age as my daughter. 20 years ago, I would have been driving them to school and activities. You see, now, we are all senior leaders in the same company and they’d come to Dallas from Florida and Atlanta for a senior leader retreat. I love that we are all building a business together but, even more, we are enriching lives and pouring into others. It’s not just about the jewelry!

Instead of renting a car and taking a day trip to Waco after our meeting, they asked if I would take them and spend the day with them. I was honored and thrilled. Why was this a surprise to me? Because, here is my impression from personal experience- in our culture these days, it seems that when you reach a certain age (seriously, for me-it was about 40) you start to feel invisible. You start to wonder what could you possibly have to offer, are your best days behind you, are you relevant? It’s a process and a journey and I’ve come out on the other side with definite conclusions about aging and our culture and myself. I’ll share those at another time. <What a fun day we had!!! We went to Magnolia Market, the bakery, Harp Design, the Spice shops, lunch and even asked strangers where to find the fixer upper houses so we could drive by. It was so fun! We drove all over Waco -sometimes further than we planned. Thank goodness for a TURNAROUND.

That became our theme song. Seriously, we looked in the window of a fixer upper house that was unoccupied.

Kristy was tempted to peek in the door. She didn’t open it.

We did manage to get a photo on the front porch!

What beautiful, smart women! Do you know they are also foster mamas? You can find out more on Kristy’s blog called www.thishardcalling.com!ve you girls!!! Blessed by your friendship!!! You remind me what a blessing it is to have friends of all ages- old and young! Thanks for asking me to spend the day with you!

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This Premier Life

I have been working on my business page for months now and still haven’t published it! You see, trying to consolidate what I do and who I am into ecommerce is quite the conflict for me! While I have been a rep with the same direct sales company for 26 years now and been able to make a full time income for the past 25 years working for myself, it is so much more than jewelry. 

When I first began with Premier, I had a 10 month old baby and a 5 year old. My whole goal was to make $500 a month to pay off a medical bill. Now- 26 years later- my nest is empty and Premier has become my career. But more than a career- it has become my life! This little jewelry business has opened doors to friendships I would never have made had it not been for the jewelry! It has given me the privilege of giving back to ministries and needs locally and around the globe – not just personally- but because Premier, as a company, gives back. Before “giving back” became a buzzword of our culture, Premier was quietly meeting needs. No big announcements, no marketing strategies- just giving back. 

Our founders, Andy and Joan Horner became personal friends! Spending time with them wasn’t about projections and strategy, it was spent talking about heart and how to make a difference. Not your usual “business meeting.” Their passion was helping up and coming leaders to get the vision- get the heart- that it wasn’t just about the jewelry! 

So today, I’m back to looking at my publish button on my business page. I have 5 unpublished versions 😂😂😂  I feel like it’s like a tatoo! It will always be there! So I’m thinking This Premier Life might be the one. It will be a fun place to shop but also to connect, share and explore financial security! Want more info? Check out my personal website- kellyc.mypremierdesigns.com


Virtual friends?

I plan to share later about connecting our virtual world with the real world. You CAN develop and cultivate relationships online and off, personal and professional! Because you might not see my post from earlier, I wanted to show an excerpt here to highlight the thoughtfulness of a creative friend and give you an example. To get the whole story, go to https://www.facebook.com/kelly.cornelsen/posts/10155235424173914:0


Curb appeal inspiration

After my post earlier this week about my new house exterior https://kellycornelsen.wordpress.com/2017/04/02/curb-appeal-rescue/

I received so many GREAT ideas and suggestions! Seriously, so many good ideas that never occurred to me! Why is it I can trouble shoot someone else’s project but not my own!  Some of you asked to see the entire front of the house- so here it is- very plain- new construction. The grass is just taking hold and should be much better in the new few months. As for everything else? Yeah….definitely needs some help! 

The consensus is that we need to do something with the box woods between the sidewalk and the driveway to widen the appearance of the sidewalk/entry in addition to the other side as well! We talked about the gutters and whether to paint them/ignore them or plant a non-destructive vine to hide them and soften the house. Did you know there is a vine cover for your gutters to train a vine to grow over it? Me either? Got a text from my friend Allisyn with so many great ideas including this one. 

So smart, right? Add that to, “why didn’t I think of that?”

Here are some other wonderful ideas and inspiration I received- which is your favorite? Comment below. I’d love to know. 

So many wonderful ideas from sweet friends far and near. I do have to check with my HOA because there is a list of approved plants and colors for the front yards (I know, I can’t even- but I get it). So before I shop, I want to make sure I don’t make an expensive mistake. We do have soaker hoses in all our beds so we need to work around the sprinkler system but I feel so encouraged. 

This last picture made my whole week! I have a sweet fb friend (whom I’ve only met once in real life) that I connected with when we both lived in Little Rock. Her family moved to Dallas before I came to east Dallas to stay with Lindsey. We connected through social media and, although we haven’t yet met for a coke, I feel like we are friends. She is a talented designer and thoughtful virtual friend. Here is what I woke up to on Wednesday morning. Thank you, Geralyn! 😘 

What great inspiration- and created just for me- down to the #hogs on the front door! Can’t wait to get started! Thanks everyone for your input! Keep commenting and sharing your ideas! You are helping to pull me out of my fog. ☘️kelly 


Curb appeal rescue

Have you ever felt stuck? Well, I feel stuck!!!!! We are so grateful to finally have a house in Texas! With the market here, it was not an easy find but….I can’t bond with my house! The inside is amazing if I can figure out what to do with it but… my number one about our past homes has been curb appeal! I love a front porch with beautiful pots by the door. My dream for our house here was painted white brick with black windows, an awesome porch and double schoolhouse doors! Truth be told, I had hoped to find a house to remodel and make it ours but after moving here to be closer to our daughter during her health crisis, we figured out that there were more people than houses and prices were at a premium. Fast forward 18 months in an apartment, we moved into a new neighborhood between trophy club and Fort Worth. Our house is perfect for us and friends who occasionally visit but now I need to make it mine. When we sold our house in Little Rock, I sold almost everything with the house- furniture, rugs, art. At the time, it seemed like a great idea during a fast move. Now?…..not so much! You see, I’m a big treasure hunter! I love to find special items- not mass produced collections- and that takes time and lots of energy (which I am lacking these days). So after finally wrangling the cars into the garage this week because of the severe weather (apparently I am motivated by acts of God like tornados and hail to move boxes) I took a hard look at the front………….(crickets)……..

I got nothin! I’d love big pots outside the entrance but they planted the downspouts there. To put them inside the little alcove doesn’t seem to serve much purpose! Any ideas? I’d love to know your suggestions. Maybe just hang a wreath and head to the back yard? 

Thanks for helping me make this little part of Texas feel a little like home. I’ll post the progress- any ideas on drapes? And plants? And rugs? And patio furniture? And… ps….my friend Jennifer says I feel this way every time I move. I don’t recall that but I trust her and believe I will feel more settled soon. Ps- anyone know why they asked if I wanted a peephole in the door when I had a camera? And why I said yes? Ugh! Good grief!!!! It’s like I’m the one who had brain surgery. 😂

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Graham Texas Wedding

So fast forward from #flowerstodiyfor to the beautiful wedding day! We woke up yesterday to this amazing post by #trendybridemagazine featuring Lindsey and Jordan’s Fall Texas wedding! What a gorgeous snapshot of an amazing day! Thank you to our talented photographer @Ashleyfondon for capturing such amazing images and our videographer Phillip Ashworth for the priceless video.  Check out    Trendybride.net and their blog #Grahamtexaswedding


Flowers to DIY for! 

To DIY or not- that was the question. Our daughter got married last weekend and we have spent the last month still trying to make the leap about how to do the flowers. As the mother of the bride, my brain hasn’t been functioning at full capacity so I was super nervous about giving myself too much responsibility -but….as someone who has done flowers for other weddings and events, it just seemed wrong to hire it all out.

Add to the mix that our daughter is a talented interior designer with a strong design asthetic. She also is passionate about every detail and every flower. To say we over researched would be an understatement. The budget was a big consideration as well. We wanted to save money where we could and this seemed doable- intimidating but doable. She even created spreadsheets on every flower and sought out reviews of different companies- DIY and having them done for us. In the end- we took a chance and did them ourselves! It would save lots of money and would be exactly what she wanted. What could go wrong? Right? Here is what we learned-
1. One reason ready made flower arrangements cost so much is because the prep is lots of work! The day the flowers arrived, I spent 6 hours trimming, sorting and taking thorns off roses just to get them ready. Fortunately, our son flew in for the wedding from Massachusetts and was happy to help! 

2. You can use a towel and run down the stem of a rose to strip the petals and the thorns at the same time. (Thanks, YouTube).

3. Buy buckets at the dollar store to separate the flowers as you unpack them.

4. You can’t have enough floral food.

5.  Make sure the flower shears are sharp.

6.  Trim the stems at a 45 degree angle under water before putting them in the vase/bucket with floral food. Make sure there is no greenery under the water line.

7. Invite friends to come help when you are feeling overwhelmed. It will seem impossible but keep reminding yourself/ “they are beautiful flowers. How can you mess this up?” Unless they die- which is why you need lots of buckets and floral food.

Lindsey’s best friend from Austin flew in Thursday to help with the flowers. She and Lindsey got everything rolling. They are so talented. As you can see, it was a process!


Lindsey (the bride) had to run errands but we wouldn’t let her leave til we made the first bouquet and could create the others in the same style. We wanted to create her vision. The first one turned out pretty well- we still did some adjusting but it was a good start. Here is the first bouquet-

One down- 8 more to go plus corsages, boutineers and a floral crown.(oh yeah, the arbor and tables too).  Piece of cake! Except I had to leave (mama needs a spray tan and lashes). Enter my sweet friend, Jerri. It truly takes a village! So blessed by sweet talented friends!

Want to see how it all turns out? Post coming soon! FYI- they are to DIY for!

Kelly ☘️