Painted brick and pumpkins

I’m dreaming of white painted brick! And a new home! Ok- I’m dreaming of many things! I’ve wanted a painted brick house for decades! Our last new construction HOA didn’t give us the option. So now- anything is possible. We are in a huge moment of transition- which means- the possibilities are endless!!! The house is sold, everything still in storage and nothing holding us back. To catch you up, if you are new here- Jeff was transferred over an hour away from our new home. After making the commute for a year- we sold the house and moved closer to his new territory! Just as that home search began- he was laid off. I know….. Right???

But……The job search is strong and God is in control! We can’t wait to see where He places us. We know this- He has covered us and protected us in this crazy phase of life we were not anticipating and even put a temporary roof over our head when we didn’t realize how we would need it. So grateful we hadn’t purchased another house. So everyday- we dream and work with intention -asking God to open the right doors and give us wisdom as to which to walk through. I can’t wait for the day to tell you all that God did during this time in our lives. He doesn’t waste a single thing- especially the hard stuff! We know He has gone ahead of us and has worked out all the details. Life is hard but God is good! Everything is going to be ok!!

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The lay-off!

Day 1- The news came on Friday-Jeff was being laid off from his pharmaceutical sales specialist job of 15 years! The job that transferred him across the metroplex 6 months after we built our beautiful new house! The house we sold 18 months later bc the commute was brutal and we needed to live closer to his territory! That was just 3 months ago! 😬 Yep- that job!

So Friday was numbing! We found out recently it was coming but hopeful the chopping block wouldn’t come down on him (us). Well, it did! So that was Friday! Fortunately, I was at a business retreat with awesome friends who have known us well for decades and love us! The best place to be when you get bad news is with your friends! To clarify- only if your friends are super encouraging! If your friends aren’t going to make a bad situation better- maybe reconsider. Just sayin’! Choose wisely!

So Jeff came to join us for lunch and rub shoulders with uplifting people- always a good idea! While I remained at the retreat, Jeff drove back to take care of our furry kids- Oliver and Ivy Bichon, and do the only acceptable thing on a Friday night in Texas- go to a high school football game with our daughter and son-law! Friday night lights! Now exactly our experience growing up in a Little Rock, Arkansas. Everything IS bigger in Texas!

The shock didn’t set in til Saturday as we grieved for amazing friends and colleagues who were also “reorganized!” REORGANIZED-that is the word they choose to use because it sounds so much better than downsized! Not really- but what ever makes the decision makers sleep at night! No discussion here about the process – heartless as it may be- bc we aren’t looking back!

Then Sunday—it was a day of refocus, encouragement at Gateway church and an amazing message by Tony Evans. Want to be encouraged to defeat the giants in your life? Here is the link-

We finished the day with Jeff’s favorite meal at Texas Road House! Because sometimes you need a yummy steak and rolls!!! Yep!!!! CARBS with butter!!!! This was not the day to pass on the rolls!

Hello Monday!!!! ❤️ The first day of a new future and transition is exhausting! Change is hard! Life is hard! Tying up loose ends, closing expense reports, clearing out storage unit, accounting for samples but…the biggest expenditure of energy? Choosing a mindset of moving forward and letting go of the secure! #ivybichon – who usually will prefer to sit with me- was full on therapy dog and loving on her daddy! So rest!!!

Restorative rest! Not for long but in the in between! I’m so proud of Jeff! He has been weighed down for a while and working so hard! The lay-off was certainly not in our plan but the peace we have reminds us of Gods care, protection and covering! He has shown up and gone before us to protect us when we didn’t even know we needed it!

This is not the end – it is a new beginning! But for this minute- rest! Recharge! Renew! And dream big dreams!!!

Have their been times in your life when you have had to recharge? What makes you feel renewed? What is your self care strategy when you are wiped out? If you don’t have one, praying you will look at yourself and see what you can do to rejuvenate! Are you a caregiver for someone else? That is exhausting! Just like on the airplane- when the oxygen mask drops- put it on yourself first! Praying peace and rest for you and new beginnings! Kelly


What if you are rejected?

Wow!!! This is so true when you see change through the perspective of faith!! Change can be exactly what you need to point you in the right direction! The last few years have been crazy, unsettling and exhausting! We have yearned to find a home in one place and create some long lost stability! The list is long and it has been a season of testing, trials and uncertainty! But-in the midst of it all- there has been protection, healing, growth, new friends, perspective and renewed vision! It has brought wisdom and fresh eyes to see many things as they really are! It is not lost on us that it has been like cracking open the hard shell of expectations to explore what could be inside. Renewal? Hope? What about dreaming a new dream? We are having big conversations about this lately! And, if we needed more earth shattering reality to push us out of our comfort zone- Jeff was laid off from his job Friday! Ouch!!!!

Just when things seemed to be finally settling down as we sold our house & moved closer to his territory to reduce his giant commute across the metroplex!! But, this we know!!! God is still in control! We can see His protection for things headed our way that we didn’t even see! He was already making a way! His dreams for us far exceed ours and we desire His best! Grateful for the encouragement of friends and drops of wisdom that seem to surround us! Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

So today? Let’s be intentional and prepare for the future!


How to read and drive!

I’ve always considered myself a voracious reader- I can’t even eat cereal without reading the box! But, lately, I can’t seem to sit still long enough to enjoy a good book!!!! It is common knowledge that high achievers and successful people are also big readers. So…. got to figure this out-because…..all the things!!!! Enter

I have fallen in love with the audio book–especially when read by the author. I”m able to multi task while having the book read to me. Driving is the best! We live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and I spend LOTS of time in my car. For someone who hates to drive- this has been a big adjustment. I’ve gone from dreading a drive to looking forward to it because I can listen as I drive. Best part- my navigation app will give me directions on top of my audio book so I can get from point A to point B. Without WAZE, I’d never find my way home.

This year has been a time of major change in my life and career!!!! Podcasts and books have literally been life giving as I navigate change and push out of my comfort zone to do the things I’ve only been thinking about for years. Connecting with like minded entrepreneurs and hearing their stories of break through and success has been HUGE!!!! You don’t have to navigate this life and business alone. There are amazing entrepreneurs who have blazed a path ahead of you.

Do you have a favorite author or podcast? What do you listen to that lifts you up and challenges you to do more? Here are a few of my favorites! I’m always looking for more. Share those in the comments. I’d love to add to my list. Happy reading -I’m mean…. listening!!! Kelly


Moving on- literally!

Hey y’all!!! I’m back! I got lost somewhere in cyber space working on my website – got frustrated and walked away from my computer! Sound familiar? Ever want to do that? Yeah- I know you do!!!!

When I went to link my blog so I wouldn’t lose what there was there, I was shocked how long it had been since I’ve been here! Overthink much? I couldn’t believe my blog was still getting any views! I really thought it would be a big fat zero!!!!

So thank you, friend! Thanks for not giving up on this mama!!!! The truth is…life is hard and complicated and frustrating but also exciting and challenging and amazing!!! You never know what a day may bring!!! And….if you don’t grow from staying in the same place ….then I’m set for big growth bc change is happening!!!! If you want to follow, I’ll meet you back here soon!!! Talk to you soon! Kelly


Turkey Day

That’s what it was called when I was in high school! It was actually a huge football game tradition between two rivalries in Little Rock, Arkansas-Hall High School (where my husband attended-although I didn’t know him yet) and my alma mater-Central High School). The focus of the day was friends and football but always, the food!

Now that I am older and my kids are grown “turkey day” has changed from thanksgiving feasts at school to thankfulness to GRATEFULNESS for life and health and love!  Life soars past us at super sonic speed and every year that passes leaves me gobsmacked (I think that’s a word -I’ve always liked it) at what I have NOT accomplished in the previous 12 months.

Do you ever feel a little depressed at this time of year?  I know that I do.  What I’ve been told is that we are normal-we are not alone.  While it SEEMS that the whole world is a picture perfect photo op and my house is anything but, I have to remember, that what we see on facebook is only a highlight reel-its not the messy reality that we all live in.  I can tell you-FOR REAL-that should I ever post a perfect photograph of an awesome plate of food -said food may or may have not been made from scratch by me AND it was perfectly lit BEFORE it was photographed IN portrait mode AND everyone had to move their dirty dishes out of the way first.   THAT, my friends, is real life.

Here is also real life! I’m an only child married to an only child! For many reasons, holidays make me sad. One day, I might share about some of those things-I’m still “unpacking” that.  But…. these things I know.  In this world we live in, although easy to forget, we do have so much to be grateful for.  The little things mean a lot! Take time to SEE the people around you! They might be feeling a little lonely too -especially this time of year.  Create memories with your family-not just buy more STUFF!!!  Say “hello” to strangers, smile at a struggling mom with a crying baby-we have all been there (she is doing the best she knows how to do), give out some grace this year, don’t be afraid of the messy-you don’t have to be perfect.  Oh yeah-it’s not a competition.  And… in case you need permission, that toxic “friend”? – it’s ok to create healthy boundaries- you are not the problem. (check out Dr. Henry Cloud-Boundaries-great book-life changing)

Oh-and the TURKEY?  yeah…… you can buy that…. Funny thing? I don’t even like turkey. But we will have turkey because my husband loves it and so does my new son-in-law- But because there are only 4 of us-and 2 of us are always counting calories/carbs, it will be a limited feast-I’ll  head over to 407 BBQ across the road and buy a small amount of turkey and ham and pulled pork (yep-because I’d rather have that).  We will have lots of left overs which will make for yummy sandwiches later!

We walk a fine line between the traditional and non-traditional around here-one year we actually had pizza for thanksgiving-or was it spaghetti? Shocking, I know. It’s just soooo much food for so few people.  All I remember about that year is that both my kids were home and that was all that mattered to me.

So I’ll go drink my protein shake for now and make the shopping list. Sure wish our son could be here-oh well, I can’t spend time on things I can’t control-I will be GRATEFUL for my son and his life, pray for him and look forward to seeing him again.  Life is short!  Thankful is not a strong enough word.  Lets be GRATEFUL!!!!!!  Happy Thanksgiving! Kelly ☘️


Look who made the news!

Well, this totally made my day! I just finally looked at my phone- I’m an avid updater (usually)- and had been tagged on an article in the Cross Timbers Gazette because it was written by me!!!!! Why the surprise? Because, I had not submitted it.

Here is how it happened= You see, I started this little blog a few years ago but have only played around with it! (I spend most my time on instagram). But recently, I decided to become more intentional about the skill of writing! The skill that I have worked on since I was the yearbook and newspaper writer in high school and college.  I actually helped pay for tuition my freshman year as a staff writer in my college news bureau. (yes, it was actually a thing.)  My first job out of college was as a copy writer for an in-house ad agency. See a theme?  Then I kinda let it go.  Who writes for a living? Right? WRONG!  These days- Many, many, many people!!! So I have started to brush off my rusty brain and try to get some of my thoughts into some cohesive format that might actually be entertaining, useful and influencial.  I’ve begun to become connected with a community of amazing bloggers that I didn’t even know were out there until recently and am inspired every day to pursue the things I love, be creative and get out of my comfort zone.

Last night, I actually was priviledged to participate in an online class on “Creating Captivating Content” to sharpen the skills I once I had and dust off possibilities of new things! Part of my could be discouraged over all the years I’ve wasted not doing things that I love but the other part of my brain (and heart) realizes that every single thing that I have done and person I have met is the perfect preparation for things to come! A recurring theme these days in my life is “you don’t know what you don’t even know.”

So….. instead of wishing I were younger, cuter, sharper, thinner, prettier, better connected or more successful…….. I will write, learn, read, listen and keep breaking out of my comfort zone!!!!

I know it’s a little thing and not a note worthy accomplishment but it did feel like a little “pat on the back” and “nudge on the shoulder” to say, “keep going! Keep trying! Look! It’s a new thing.”  And…. it made me smile, a little bit-this little blog post I was afraid to share but I did it anyway. I did it afraid.  What are you afraid to do? Are there even little things that hold you back? Are there people you are afraid to talk to? Hope my little baby blog can encourage you.  Just do it! You just never know.  What can you do today? I’d love to know how you are wanting to get out of your comfort zone.

Here is the little post I was tagged in today and the text I received from a friend who saw it before me! Yay for encouragement!


Oh, Snap!

Do you Snapchat? To be honest- I don’t do much with Snapchat with one BIG EXCEPTION! I love the voice changer filters!

But my FAVORITE thing is creating a snap/text with my husband, Jeff! Chances are- at some point- you might receive a text from us created just for you! What you don’t know is that it could have taken a LONG time because Jeff cracks himself up more times than not! What starts as a quick message sometimes evolves into full out crying from laughter! Do you know this about Jeff? If you do, you know us well and I hope you have had the privilege of catching one of his crack-ups in person. If you have, you probably cried with laughter too! For example- take 1 today-

So you decide to not make it too easy for him-I couldn’t resist!

This got me looking- surely I saved more past snap adventures and I found this goodie-

I could post the corrected snaps but this is way more fun! Happy Monday! Enjoy the little moments! Laugh at yourself! Share the laughter with others! Life is too short and too hard not to laugh!!! If this brings you a little joy I’d love for you to comment and share with your friends! Thanks for visiting! Ps- you aren’t too old to get your snap on!