Friday night lights

So fun taking baby Nora to her first football game with my daughter and son-in-law- and of course, Nora’s favorite- Papa Buzz! She is so sweet and a little sack ‘o sugar that we got to pass around because- let’s face it- we all want to just hold her all the time- maybe most of the time! 😉 @lindseywilson85 @best_life_ahead_ and I used to come to games here over 20 years ago the first time we lived in northwest arkansas! It is truly a full circle moment! Had Jeff’s job not made him move- we probably would have stayed here but God had other plans and friends we needed to meet in other places- including Nora’s daddy @jordanwilson83. So 3 weeks back here for us and having so much fun seeing sweet faces we loved then and now! We are all a little older and have walked through deep valleys yet have become wiser and kinder and more grateful! It is all a gift and we don’t want to take any of it for granted or to miss a delicious drop.

First Friday night game in the books! Jeff is so happy! Topped it off with a visit to Whataburger on the way home! Yummm!

Do you enjoy a Friday night game? Have you ever gone back to your high school or your kids old school after you moved away? How did it feel?

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