Hotel life

Day 56 of hotel life! So many things we haven’t shared! Let’s just say the summer started with a violent storm, water damage, our apartment was uninhabitable, insurance told us they were looking for a new place for us to live so we patiently waited and then our adjuster changed her mind and left us in the hotel til we could make our own arrangements by aug 31! So many things I’m not even including! The stress level has been ridiculous! However- after we (I) got past the tears-we realized sometimes God closes doors to push us in the direction we should go! We have felt for a long time that our days in Dallas were ending! Now there was no doubt we needed to make a change!! So…big changes coming that we will share in time. But in the meantime- we are grateful for room service and a wonderful hotel staff, pizza delivery, Diet Coke and Bichons to keep us company and happy!

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