Look who made the news!

Well, this totally made my day! I just finally looked at my phone- I’m an avid updater (usually)- and had been tagged on an article in the Cross Timbers Gazette because it was written by me!!!!! Why the surprise? Because, I had not submitted it.

Here is how it happened= You see, I started this little blog a few years ago but have only played around with it! (I spend most my time on instagram). But recently, I decided to become more intentional about the skill of writing! The skill that I have worked on since I was the yearbook and newspaper writer in high school and college.  I actually helped pay for tuition my freshman year as a staff writer in my college news bureau. (yes, it was actually a thing.)  My first job out of college was as a copy writer for an in-house ad agency. See a theme?  Then I kinda let it go.  Who writes for a living? Right? WRONG!  These days- Many, many, many people!!! So I have started to brush off my rusty brain and try to get some of my thoughts into some cohesive format that might actually be entertaining, useful and influencial.  I’ve begun to become connected with a community of amazing bloggers that I didn’t even know were out there until recently and am inspired every day to pursue the things I love, be creative and get out of my comfort zone.

Last night, I actually was priviledged to participate in an online class on “Creating Captivating Content” to sharpen the skills I once I had and dust off possibilities of new things! Part of my could be discouraged over all the years I’ve wasted not doing things that I love but the other part of my brain (and heart) realizes that every single thing that I have done and person I have met is the perfect preparation for things to come! A recurring theme these days in my life is “you don’t know what you don’t even know.”

So….. instead of wishing I were younger, cuter, sharper, thinner, prettier, better connected or more successful…….. I will write, learn, read, listen and keep breaking out of my comfort zone!!!!

I know it’s a little thing and not a note worthy accomplishment but it did feel like a little “pat on the back” and “nudge on the shoulder” to say, “keep going! Keep trying! Look! It’s a new thing.”  And…. it made me smile, a little bit-this little blog post I was afraid to share but I did it anyway. I did it afraid.  What are you afraid to do? Are there even little things that hold you back? Are there people you are afraid to talk to? Hope my little baby blog can encourage you.  Just do it! You just never know.  What can you do today? I’d love to know how you are wanting to get out of your comfort zone.

Here is the little post I was tagged in today and the text I received from a friend who saw it before me! Yay for encouragement!

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