Oh, Snap!

Do you Snapchat? To be honest- I don’t do much with Snapchat with one BIG EXCEPTION! I love the voice changer filters!

But my FAVORITE thing is creating a snap/text with my husband, Jeff! Chances are- at some point- you might receive a text from us created just for you! What you don’t know is that it could have taken a LONG time because Jeff cracks himself up more times than not! What starts as a quick message sometimes evolves into full out crying from laughter! Do you know this about Jeff? If you do, you know us well and I hope you have had the privilege of catching one of his crack-ups in person. If you have, you probably cried with laughter too! For example- take 1 today-

So you decide to not make it too easy for him-I couldn’t resist!

This got me looking- surely I saved more past snap adventures and I found this goodie-

I could post the corrected snaps but this is way more fun! Happy Monday! Enjoy the little moments! Laugh at yourself! Share the laughter with others! Life is too short and too hard not to laugh!!! If this brings you a little joy I’d love for you to comment and share with your friends! Thanks for visiting! Ps- you aren’t too old to get your snap on!

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