Kindness Rocks

We live in an awesome neighborhood in Argyle, Texas, called Harvest! I can’t wait to share more about our community very soon. One of my favorite things about our “hood” is the abundance of families of every age and the fun events and projects.

Recently, I came across a facebook post about a painted rock that someone had found in the neighborhood. They posted a picture of it and then hid the rock for someone else to find.

Soon there were painted rocks showing up everywhere and a fun game of hide and seek began. Not finding and keeping but finding, taking a pic, and hiding again for someone else to find. The rocks were adorable-clearly we have some creative artists in our neighborhood.

I found my first rock a couple of weeks ago! It was so fun!!!! Clearly…I’m not a child, and I’m a mom with grown kids who have moved away and not a grandmother yet but….it made my day to find this little painted rock in the grass.

I was so glad my friend was with me for a walk that day to take my picture before I found a hiding place for the next lucky person to find a treasure.

When I posted about finding the rock on my facebook page, a friend shared this link with me. Apparently #thekindnessrockproject is happening in neighborhoods and communities everywhere. You can find them on instagram and facebook as well as their website. Quoting their website, “the kindness rock project has 2 goals- *To inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way and *to recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join the pursuit of inspiring others through through random acts of kindness.”

I LOVE THIS!!! In this crazy world we live in, what a wonderful idea to inspire kindness and creativity. Did you enjoy this post? I’d love for you to like and share with your friends!

Do you have a Kindness Rock Project in your community? Please comment and even share of pictures of your kindness rocks. -Kelly 🍀

Check out their video and more info here-


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