A strong foundation! 

The framing of our home began this week and we were excited to head out there today to add some extra strength to our home! Before the foundation was poured, we had decided to cover our home with scripture before the floors went down and walls went up. My first scripture was a blessing on the door post of every door of the house. 

Another blessing in a doorway. 

This was the verse in the master closet-To put on LOVE!

Our favorite is this verse for Lindsey and Taylor’s grandfather. Whenever he was asked to recite a verse, this was his go to. “Silver and Gold have I none but such as I have, give I thee.” 

By the time we finished, we had written scripture in every room including the garage. Our prayer is that our home will be a peaceful place, blessed by God and a place to build community and enrich lives.  Amen! 

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